Marketing Edinburgh

Client: Marketing Edinburgh

Discipline: Strategy, Research, Stakeholder Engagement 


Marketing Edinburgh, the organisation dedicated to promoting Scotland’s Capital City to the world needed help during a period of unforeseen yet significate restructure to help integrate its business functions more closely. Cultural change, resource and marketing support were top priority, not to mention the “hit the ground running” delivery required to pull together a marketing business plan and first class marketing team - within a ten week period.


This was a huge transition for the organisation and a period of intense change. In partnership with Aurae Consultancy, we knuckled down and worked with the team to produce their first integrated business and marketing plan. We completed an audit of the current activity across all business functions; planned aspirational initiatives with each member of the team to understand fully their vision for the organisation; met with key stakeholders and conducted intensive stakeholder reviews. We researched best practice within other destination management companies and identified business objectives for the organisation, and put in place KPI's as well as a clear definition of what success would look like for them.

Putting in the time to do the ground work really paid off.


Our time, effort and dedication was crucial to deliver the plans effectively, thoroughly yet quickly in order to help the organisation move forward. So within 10 weeks not only had we re-shaped the team but we delivered an Operational and Marketing Business Plan for the Board of Trustees and City of Edinburgh.