In our spare time, we help causes close to our hearts.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be blessed with a great team and wonderful clients, so where we can, we think it’s important to give back to our community.


Aside from some of the more prominent causes we volunteer for, we’ve worked with several small not-for-profit or charitable organisations, lending our time and marketing expertise to provide support for free.


We’ve provided support for Girl Guiding Glasgow, and attended fundraising events for Charity Heroes. We've volunteered where we can for our local community groups during the Covid-19 crisis and we've taken on fundraising challenges and volunteer days for one of our clients Sepsis Research (FEAT). 


Find out more about the causes we support below. 


Supporting our industry

Earlier in 2020 our founder and Managing Consultant Ellie took on the voluntary role as Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing for Scotland.


Having been a member of the CIM for nearly two decades, and working with the organisation as a mentor to young marketeers looking to get a foot in the door, Ellie kicked her imposter syndrome to the kerb and accepted the position to help shape the role of marketing in Scotland.


As a self-confessed strategy nerd, Ellie's working with the team at the CIM to refocus the organisation and deliver improvements for CIM members all across Scotland. Read her swanky CIM profile here. 

Chartered Institute of Marketing CIM.jpg


Supporting the most vulnerable

In 2018 in Scotland, 35,838 homeless applications were made. 10,955 families were homeless, 6,826 were children under the age of 18. It’s easy to believe that as a first world country with a solid social care system, there is no homelessness problem in Scotland, but it’s simply not the case. 

We got involved with Social Bite in 2019, when Ellie joined the Board of Trustees for the charity. Now she spends time each month helping support the charity as a trustee, while the rest of us chime in with marketing support, brainstorming sessions and anything else we can think of when we’re needed. 


The work social bite does is tremendously important, if you want to get involved or help support the charity with us, find out more here.  


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