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Digital Marketing Training: helping BLM level-up!

BLM is a top tier law firm with offices throughout the UK and Ireland, specialising in insurance risk and commercial law, with both a B2B and B2C focus. BLM’s in-house marketing team already deliver comprehensive digitally savvy communications to their target audiences, but with the Covid-19 pandemic pushing us all further into the digital arena, the team wanted to brush up on their digital skills.

We’ve been delighted to develop a series of bespoke training sessions for team BLM – kicking off with our undertaking a full digital audit BLM’s marketing and having a good old snoop at their key competitors. We used this audit to help us develop a series of virtual training workshops, covering topics including Linkedin, SEO, content strategy, google analytics and much more, all delivered via TEAMs. We really are all operating in a virtual world now!

Looking for help with your Digital Marketing? Get in touch today and find out more about what team Flourish can do to help.

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