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Discover Digital: for your health and wellness awareness week

Imagine living better and healthier with the help of technology?

Team flourish had a great time working with The ALLIANCE to support the creation of a multi-channel marketing strategy for Scotland’s first ever Discover Digital awareness week running across Dundee and Glasgow from the 21st to the 26th October.

The new public awareness week aimed to champion technology in health and wellbeing and increase public awareness and involvement in shaping the range of technologies used to deliver digital healthcare in Scotland in the future.

The week kicked off on Sunday 21st October at the Dundee Science Festival, followed by various events throughout the week and an exhibition at the Glasgow Science Centre featuring The Google Digital Garage Bus on Wednesday 24th October. The idea behind the events and workshops was to bring together ground-breaking initiatives (and the brains behind them) to show the public how they can get involved in improving their health now, and in the future.

The strategy included the creation of campaign KPI’s and objectives, messaging, suggested creative, PR, social media, digital marketing and partnership marketing.

With over 2,300 members including a large network of national and local third sector organisations, associates in the statutory and private sectors and individuals. In particular, funding partners for Discover Digital were the Scottish Government, NHS 24, NHS NSS and British Computer Society Health & Care Scotland. Due to this, the partnership model sat at the heart of the strategy. Effectively harnessing the communications channels of members and partners was critical to the successful delivery of Discover Digital’s marketing message.

Well done to everyone at the Alliance, all the partners, the exhibitors and the public for a great week of hands on, immersive, multi-media events and workshops.

For more information about #DiscoverDigitalScot and The Alliance please check out the links.

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