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Oor Ellie – and her latest feature in the Scotsman

Ellie Murphy, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), chair of CIM Scotland and head honcho of our wee team at Flourish towers, has made us all starstruck today with her latest feature in the Scotsman!

With years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, and a CIM fellowship as the latest feather in her cap, you might say Oor Ellie was the perfect choice for a thought piece on the staycation boom in Scotland (despite her own English routes… shhh)!

Aside from having spent the last 20+ years calling Scotland home, Ellie and the rest of our team here at Flourish, have worked with some key players in the travel and tourism industry, and know only too well the joy of some of the beautiful sites all across Scotland. As Ellie discusses in her latest feature, it seems that the coronavirus pandemic has led to many others discovering this too! Scottish searches on Google for “staycation” soared by 3,826 per cent in July compared with last year, and searches for “holiday in Scotland” rose a whopping 300 per cent between March and July, but how can tourism businesses make the most of the surge and turn it into a lasting love affair?

Well, it’s really a case of strategic marketing, making the most of the opportunities and striking while the iron’s hot! Here’s Ellie’s top tips:

  • Nail the customer experience – make your patrons feel welcomed, valued, appreciated and that you can’t wait to see them again

  • Be discoverable... in person and on Google! If you can’t be number one on the search, look at other ways to be found like aggregators and through strategic partners

  • Get digital – think mobile, think visual and make the most of the digital space with mobile booking, 5* reviews and inspirational content to catch your audience’s eyes

  • Be active in the community. As Ellie says, the coronavirus has led to the uprising of the locally conscious consumer – so take advantage! Work with other local businesses and support each other and make sure you shout about your local credentials

  • Last but not least – KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER! It may seem an obvious one, but knowing who they are, where they spend their time and what their pain points are can help you plan your messaging and activity to really land with your customer.

For the full article and Ellie’s own account of her Scottish staycation, take a look at the article in full on the Scotsman here. In the meantime, we’ll be in the (home) office fangirling and telling everyone WE KNOW HER!!!

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