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Meet the Team - 15 minutes with Jena

Meet our latest recruit to team Flourish – Jena Wilson. Jena joined us just over two weeks ago now as our Digital Marketing Manager, with over five years of digital marketing experience Jena is bringing a digital focus to the team and helping us expand our service offering to our clients- so let’s meet her and see what we can learn in 15 minutes, time starts… NOW!

Welcome Jena! We’ll start off with an easy one. What are you most looking forward becoming part of the Flourish team?

Oh a few things really! I’d have to say my top three are:

· Going back to working agency side having been in house client side for the last year;

· Working with other marketers again- it’s good to have a team to brainstorm with; and

· Getting to work with a wide variety of clients

What would you say your favourite project has been in your career so far?

I’ve worked on so many good projects it’s difficult to choose. Social media campaigns are my favourite thing to do generally, I like the nice mix of creative and digital and getting the opportunity to use the analytical part of my brain. I also enjoy getting to build campaigns based on user experience and seeing the impact on the success of the campaign.

What’s your favourite food?

Mexican food.

Any particular type..?

Fajitas and Nachos 😊

Good Choice. Who do you look up to the most and what do you admire about them?

Grace Coddington (Creative Director for US Vogue), the woman is just ridiculous! There’s so much to admire, I just think she’s great. Her creativity, her artistic vision, her drive, she’s amazing.

What’s your greatest ambition?

Hmmm, not to sound cliched... but I think just to be happy. I think it’s really important to keep our ambitions well rounded and having a good balance of work and family life makes a huge difference to achieving career goals and vice versa! So, I’d have to say as long as I keep loving what I do I’ll have achieved my greatest ambition.

That’s so true. Tell us something people don’t know about you?

I used to be a dance teacher, and I’m currently learning to play the violin.

If you could have any secret talent, what would you pick?

I’d be able to belt out ‘Heart will go on’ like Celine Dion.

What made you choose a career in Marketing?

I think I was drawn to marketing as it’s a really good balance of my favourite things. I’m very analytical which is why I was so drawn to digital as you really get the chance to measure activity and track results. I’m also very organised and love a plan..

Essential for any good marketer…

Yes! I also like the balance of analytics and creative – a lot of people think that you only think one way or another, but I like a bit of both! It’s a great career to explore both avenues.

What’s your favourite marketing campaign and why?

Definitely the campaigns for M&S food. I love the way they really carved out a space for themselves with their campaign ‘it’s not just food, it’s M&S food..’ The campaign focusing on every detail of the meal, leaving the viewer salivating and rushing to M&S for their dinner, I think it drove a lot of content to be produced around glorifying what we eat - food porn (!) - such great work.

Okay and finally… What goal do you have for yourself to achieve over the next year?

Well I had wanted to get the digital manager role so that’s one box ticked! Next on the list for me is to expand my digital knowledge and complete an additional digital marketing qualification this year- so wish me luck!

Good luck Jena! That’s your 15 minutes up- thanks for answering all our probing questions and welcome to the team. Click here to find out a little more about the rest of team Flourish and let us know who you'd like to see next on 15 minutes...

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