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Sepsis Research is back and fighting!

Sepsis. It’s grim. It is the number one cause of preventable death in the world. It is an indiscriminate, deadly disease that can kill a healthy adult in a matter of hours.

Sepsis Research (FEAT) is a Scottish charity established by Craig Stobo with the support of his friends, after the death to sepsis of his wife, Dr Fiona Agnew and their unborn daughter Isla in 2012. It does amazing work raising funds for medical research, raising awareness of the condition and its symptoms and fighting to #stopsepsisnow

We were lucky enough to spend some time working with the team back at the end of 2017 when they were partnering with the Scottish Government to fund the first public awareness campaign in Scotland, which went live in February 2018. And now we’re honoured that they’ve invited us to help them raise the charity’s profile through delivery of a new website, social media, assisting with campaigning, e-comms and content development throughout 2019.

Research is expensive. And the charity needs your help to help #stopsepsisnow.

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